spindrift objectb1 ©2016 Michael Norris

[spindrift~] is the mother of all granular synthesis externals for Max.

It not only features the standard granular synthesis parameters, but also boasts a slew of powerful per-grain spatialization parameters, designed for equidistant multichannel loudspeaker arrays. Spatialization can be controlled manually or set on automatic ‘spinning’ or ‘drifting’ trajectories.

b9 ©2015 Michael Norris

SoundMagic Spectral is a freeware suite of 23 Audio Unit plug-ins that implement real-time spectral processing of sound. This groundbreaking set of effects give you unprecedented control and creativity in the processing of audio, whether from static audio files or live audio streams. SoundMagic Spectral builds on the work of the OS 9 software known as SoundMagic DSP, and takes it to even more exotic sonic realms.

v1.1 ©2018 Michael Norris

A standalone Max/MSP application that lets you load in an audio file, play with some of the simple parameters of spindrift~, and record the output to a new soundfile.

v1.6 ©2018 Michael Norris

A standalone Max/MSP application that creates stochastic massed textures from multiple independent, desynchronized versions of a single soundfile.

v1.0 ©2014 Michael Norris

These plug-ins offer some novel algorithms for generating sequences of pitch-classes in Sibelius, inspired by the “rotation technique” of Krenek, Stravinsky, Knussen and Boulez.

b4.0 ©2014 Michael Norris

A Max/MSP external that allows you to process a stereo audio stream using Audio Units.

v1.0 ©2014 Michael Norris

A standalone Max/MSP application that demonstrates the ability of the auditory perception system of humans to fuse harmonically-related sine waves into a single tone, and to distinguish changes in harmonic gains as timbral quality signifiers.