Piano and orchestra (picc.1.1.ca.1.bcl.1.cbn;;hp;cel;solo pf;timp;2perc;str.) [11']
Premiered by the SNU Symphony Orchestra, Jong-Hwa Park (pf)

‘Volti’ has many meanings. In Italian, it means both ‘turn (over)’ as well as ‘faces’. But in English it might hint at 'vaults' (chambers), 'vaulting' (leaping/springing) or Volts (the unit of electromotive force). These ideas of motion, contrast and dynamism allude to some of the textural and motivic processes expressed in the piece, not to mention the dramatically contrasting nature of the gestures and moods. There is also the physical act of ‘leaping’ (vaulting?) required by the soloist in order to perform some of the passages, in which the composition has almost become choreography.

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