This Javascript app accepts a spectral analysis data file exported from Audacity (or a BPF file exported from Audiosculpt), and lists the loudest spectral peaks (and their microtonal tunings), sorted by amplitude. It allows certain useful sanity checks for spectral composition, such as avoiding having more than one peak within an interval, having a minimum frequency value, and adding amplitude compensation to bring out higher harmonics.

Max. number of peaks to detect:

Peak is largest of:
(best set to about 1/100th of the FFT size)

Minimum peak frequency::

No more than one peak per:
(1 cent = 1100th of a semitone)

Amplitude compensation:
dB per octave

Spectral Data:
(copy and paste an
Audacity .txt/Audiosculpt BPF file) or
open text file here:

Data output
(tab-delimited, for pasting into Excel)

Music Notation:

NB: quarter-flats and quarter-sharps are encoded as double-flats and double-sharps, as Sibelius does not correctly import quartertones. Grrrr.