This is a little Javascript program that calculates the frequencies of partials in a harmonic series, and returns the results in a tab-delimited list ready for pasting into Excel.

Frequencies are calculated as: , where f is the fundamental frequency, s is the Scaling Factor, x is the partial number, e is the exponent and a is a constant to be added to all frequencies.

Fundamental frequency:


Scaling factor (1.0 = normal)

Exponent (1.0 = normal)

Frequency addition (Hz)

Number of partials

Quantize microtones to nearest:

Output (tab-delimited)
can be copied and pasted into Excel

Music Notation:


NB: quarter-flats and quarter-sharps are encoded as double-flats and double-sharps, as Sibelius does not correctly import quartertones. Grrrr.