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This webpage lets you enter pitch collections, and looks for possible ‘Pressing scales’ (a term coined by Dmitri Tymoczko in his article Scale Networks and Debussy).

The seven possible Pressing scale collections are: DIA (Diatonic), ACOU (Acoustic), HARM MAJ (Harmonic Major), HARM MIN (Harmonic Minor), WT (Whole Tone), OCT (Octatonic) and HEX (Hexatonic). Once an entire scale is selected, this page will also show you possible Harmonic Evolution (or maximally smooth Pressing scale 'voice-leadings') and Harmonic Contrast (maximally contrasted pc content change).


PC set reduction (NB enharmonic spelling may not be correct):


Change collection toonCHANGE


No Pressing Scale detected yet.

Modes of this collection:

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Harmonic evolution:

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Harmonic contrast:

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